Is solar worth it in Arizona? | Residential Solar Panels

Solar energy is a sustainable and cost-effective renewable natural source that could accomplish our energy needs for many years. Solar panels are an investment in Arizona that offers money-saving and ROI to homeowners. Arizona is among the top 5 for “Sunniest Cities in The US”, with Yuma as it receives ample and consistent sunlight. As per the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) reports, Arizona was the third-most residential solar capacity state in the United States in 2019.

Keeping an eye on the location benefits of installing residential solar panels in Arizona can be the best decision. It is high time you should save some money by replacing electricity use with solar as it is environmentally friendly.

Is solar worth it in Arizona

Is Solar Worth it in Phoenix, Arizona? Let’s find out

Cost of Residential Solar Panels in Arizona

The average cost of residential solar in Arizona is low as compared to the hefty electrical charges. Additionally, the lawmakers of Arizona have come forward with various Arizona Solar laws and incentives to encourage people to switch to residential solar in Arizona. In case you are considering switching to solar, here are few solar taxes that you should know about-

Arizona Home Solar Laws

Arizona solar laws allow homeowners with solar to reimburse 26% tax credit of solar system installation in Arizona and later claim as a deduction from the federal tax liability. All you need to do is fill out paperwork after claiming other incentives for 26% of the credit.

Arizona Home Solar Tax Credit 2022

To get the residential Arizona Solar tax credit of 26% solar should be placed into service before the end of 2022. This implies that it is the best cost-effective time to go for solar and get the highest savings possible without facing close deadlines with the federal solar tax credit.

How much energy can you get from a home solar panel?

There is a myth that believes that your demographic matters when switching to solar. Well, it doesn’t. The energy output depends on the quality and efficiency of your solar panels and their quality. Other additional factors contributing to the energy output are the quality of materials used and the strength of your forum. So, invest in a good quality home solar panel to receive uninterrupted energy throughout your life.

Why is home solar the best alternative in Arizona?

Arizona receives sunlight throughout the year, and this allows residential solar users lifelong benefits. It is unlikely that you will not receive energy throughout the year. Still not convinced? Here are some solar energy Arizona facts that will blow your mind-

  • Arizona’s vast majority of its energy comes from non-renewable sources. 90% of electricity Arizona get is from non-renewable sources.
  • According to recent studies, solar penetration in Arizona, residential and consumer combined is approximately 5%, which is better than the 1.5% solar penetration of the national average.

The average cost of solar panels in Arizona

Solar panel installation is not that pricey when you are in Arizona. Besides, several incentives and rebates make it further light on your pockets. If you are not sure yet about the expenses, then let us help. You are required to pay about $2.45 for every watt. Now, if you want to get yourself a solar setup worth 5 kilowatts, then it could cost you around $10,412 to $14,088. So, switching to solar energy is thus quite pocket-friendly. Besides, you can make the most out of multiple incentives.

How much money can you save after installing solar panels in Arizona?

The Government in Arizona offers multiple attractive incentives to homeowners so that more and more people switch to clean and renewable energy. Net metering, solar tax credits, etc., can bring down the overall expense of solar panel installation significantly. Besides, your energy bills will come down significantly, thereby allowing you to save a great deal of money.

How long do solar panels last in Arizona?

Given the weather conditions and quality of solar panels used, the average lifespan of solar setups is somewhere between 25 to 30 years. But you do not worry as they keep functioning and generating solar energy even after that. A high-grade solar setup can give you value for as long as 50 years.

What direction is best for solar panels in Arizona?

Arizona receives plenty of sunlight almost throughout the year. And as per the experts, in this sunny state, solar panels perform the best when placed facing the south.

What is the best tilt angle for solar panels in Arizona?

Arizona is located at lower latitudes and hence requires a low tilt so as to capture direct sunlight. For summer, winter and spring, the tilt angle should be at 82°, 34°, and 58°, respectively.


Residential Solar Panels are worth investing in Arizona. Are Looking for the best residential solar panels in your home? Yes, finding the right one that fits your requirement and your budget can be a hard task. But, no worries, we can help you find the best residential solar that fits your budget. We promise to guide you to your perfect match.