Residential Solar in North Carolina: Why does North Carolina have so much solar power?

Solar and renewable sources of energy are the future of our generations. Keeping in mind the hefty electrical charges and the chance of it getting extinct makes solar power a better alternative. To encourage residential solar installation, various state governments have come forward to enact several solar laws. Similarly, the lawmakers have also come up with North Carolina Solar incentives and tax credit that encourage homeowners to change to residential solar panels in NC.

best Residential Solar panels in North Carolina

Is North Carolina fit for residential solar?

Due to its bright and sunny location, North Carolina is one of the top states that fit solar energy. The various solar incentives and net metering problems are just the icings on the cake. Laws such as NC solar tax credit law 2022, increase the demand for residential solar in North Carolina.

Myths about Solar energy that you must not believe in

There are several myths about solar energy that might stop you from switching to home solar panels in NC. The myths are as follows-

  1. Solar does not work in snows

You must have heard about it. Well, it’s not true. Solar works even if it snows. Wonder how? Let us share some snow facts that might blow your mind. Did you know that residential solar panels can convert any solar energy into electricity? I bet you don’t. Solar panels can extract the sunlight that reflects off of the snow- little does not mean less in solar energy. Besides, solar panels are wired to bear a certain weight, and a dusting of snow won’t affect their functionality.

  1. Solar does not work in winter.

There is a myth that home solar panels do not work in winter, but the good news is, it is not valid. Instead, the solar output increases during winters because of low temperatures. The photovoltaic property in solar panels enables it to convert solar energy more efficiently during winters.

Solar in NC- Is it a wise decision?

The average cost of solar in North Carolina will fit in your budget- it’s economical and worth investing. Regardless of how economical residential solar can be, there are multiple options to choose from. Several companies offer a wide range of residential solar panels in North Carolina according to your budget. But, if you are searching for economical yet high-quality solar panels in NC, Clean Energy Savings USA would be the right fit for you. We offer several solar panels in ranges; you can choose the one that fits you.

If a cash purchase option is not feasible for you, you can go for various solar loans that are available to help you out financially.


Solar energy comes with several long-term benefits. It is budget-friendly and helps you cut down your expenses- not to forget; it’s environmentally friendly too. So, keeping an eye on the benefits, we can say that solar energy is a better alternative to electrical energy as it cuts down the greenhouse gases and makes it clean.

If you are looking for a company that offers some of the best residential solar in NC, you can reach out to us. We would love to be a part of your initiative by providing you the best quality available. Go solar, go green.