Residential Solar Panels in Texas

Texas receives a large amount of sunlight all year round. This amount of sunlight per year makes it both ideal and convenient for homeowners in Texas to install a residential solar system. Considering the high cost of electric bills, the switch to a residential solar panels in Texas may be the best decision for you!

best Residential Solar panels in Texas

Is Switching to Residential Solar in Texas Worth It?

Solar is a source of renewable energy that does not harm the environment at all. Not only will it save you a lot of money, but in the state of Texas there are specific incentives and tax credits for homeowners who make the switch to solar. One of the main reasons for the spike in residential solar systems in Texas is that over the past decade, the cost of residential solar systems has dropped by 70%, making it more affordable for homeowners to make the switch.

4 Benefits of Installing Residential Solar in Texas

There are many benefits of residential solar systems, which might make you more eager to transition to the environmentally healthier alternative.

Here are four significant benefits to look for when going solar:

  1. Saves You Money

Solar panels will help you save money on your monthly electric bill. The panels can be potent enough to light up half your home!

  1. Help the Economy

In the state of Texas, the solar industry offers more job opportunities than any other industry, giving it a unique ability to help drive the economy.

  1. Tax Incentives

According to the renewable energy tax credit, Texas homeowners who pay taxes are eligible for a credit of up to 30% of the cost of the solar system.

  1. No Sudden Price Increases

One of the most frustrating things about utility companies is that they frequently raise prices overnight. With solar panels, there is a set price no matter how much electricity you use. This should be a key contributing factor in the decision-making process for all homeowners in Texas when thinking about the transition to solar.

How To Choose The Best Solar For Home In Texas?

When choosing the right solar system for your home, there are many things to take into consideration. Key factors include your geographical location, the cost of solar installation, your home energy requirements and efficiency, as well as the weather and how much power you can expect to generate from solar.

You must consider all aspects when trying to figure out which solar system is the right one. You can also reach out us to help with determining which residential solar system is best for your Texas home.

If your home is exposed to extreme weather conditions like heavy winds and rain, it is extremely important to be very cautious while choosing your home solar system. Consult with one of our solar experts today, who will guide you in the direction of a solar system that is durable enough to hold up during extreme weather conditions.

3 features to look for in your residential solar system:

  • Efficiency rating
  • Warranty period
  • Solar Panel Cost in Texas


Texas has managed to secure a spot on the list of top 10 solar states since 2019. If you ever thought about installing solar in your home, this should validate your thought. After all, solar does contribute to a healthier environment on top of the other benefits that come along with solar!

If you have any questions about residential solar units, please reach out to us today!