Are solar panels worth it in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a picturesque place with captivating natural beauty all around. The sky-high mountains, lush green forests call for the switch to a renewable source of energy so that the state does not face ecological disturbance and destruction of its natural resources. New Hampshire, the Granite State, is increasingly focusing on solar power to meet its energy requirement. The willingness to shift to a cleaner and greener option has made New Hampshire one of the leading states in the US to use solar energy instead of conventional forms of energy.

is solar power worth investment in new hampshire

Is solar worth it in New Hampshire?

The weather conditions in New Hampshire are apt for switching to solar energy. Besides, the declining solar panels’ cost in New Hampshire further encourages the homeowners to go green and clean. The state government also provides multiple incentives which further lure the homeowners to go for solar in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Solar Incentives 2022

Have a look at the below-given New Hampshire solar rebates 2022 before you swap your conventional energy with solar energy.

  • Local property tax exemption: When you opt for home solar in New Hampshire, your home value may increase. However, under this incentive, you will be exempted from paying property taxes on the increased value. This incentive also applies to different commercial properties.


  • Small PV systems program: If you are a homeowner in New Hampshire with a solar set up worth 10 kilowatts or less size, then you will be eligible for the small PV systems program. As per this program, you will get up to $1000, or half the price of your solar power setup.


  • New Hampshire low-income energy assistance program (LIHEAP): LIHEAP brings some attractive offers for homeowners who belong to the low-income group and cannot afford to pay energy costs. Under this incentive, you can pair a solar loan or solar lease along with this financial support.


  • The federal solar tax credit: Because of the Investment Tax Credit, it is possible to reduce the expense of PV solar energy set up by almost 26%. To become eligible for this offer, you will have to either take a solar loan or pay in cash.



  • Net metering: This incentive enables you to earn free credits on your energy bills. Any extra amount of solar energy you produce will be sent back to the grid. The free credits will be equivalent to the extra energy you produce.


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