Solar in Rhode Island: Harnessing Solar Power for a Better Future

Although Rhode Island is a small state, it is mightier and much more advanced than others in terms of its preference for solar energy. In a time when the world is looking for alternatives, green and clean energy sources, Rhode Island has already taken the much-needed step and opted for solar power.

Rhode Island or the Ocean State is popular because of attractive solar incentives. People are pro-actively switching to this renewable source of energy because of these incentives. Also, the cost of solar panels in Rhode Island is significantly lower than in other states. Besides, when solar setup is installed automatically, the value of that house grows manifolds. So going solar in Rhode Island is indeed a beneficial option for the residents.

best Residential Solar panels in Rhode Island for solar energy

Why go for home solar panels in Rhode Island?

Electricity bills tend to go quite high in Rhode Island as residential electricity is 21% more expensive here. As per the US Energy Information Administration, the electricity cost of Rhode Island is way too high than some other states. Therefore, opting for home solar panels in Rhode Island is a smart choice.

Also, over the last five years or so, solar panels cost in Rhode Island has gone down by almost 34% (source: Solar Energy Industries Association). Hence if you have not planned a switch yet, then it is high time that you make a smart choice.


Rhode Island Solar Incentives 2022

  • Renewable energy growth program: Under the REG program, each homeowner will get 28.75 cents per kilowatt-hour that he produces on his solar panel system. This will continue for the first 15 years of installation.


  • Property and sales tax exemptions: Even when your home value increases, after installation of solar setups, then too, you won’t have to pay property and sales tax on the increased value.


  • Small scale solar grants: As per these grants, new owners of solar settings will get up to $7000 on the installation of solar grants. So, if you have installed a 5-kW system, then you will acquire a cash rebate of $4250.


  • Federal solar tax credit: When you opt for a solar loan or make your payment in cash, you will get a 26% federal tax credit.


  • Net metering: Whenever you produce extra solar power, it is sent to the grid and distributed across the state for further use. You will enjoy free credits in your utility bill for the extra amount of solar energy that you produce.

By now, you must have already planned to take the plunge and switch to residential solar in Rhode Island. For this, you would require a solar company in Rhode Island that will help you out with the entire process. At Clean Energy Savings USA, our job is to connect you and thousands of other homeowners with the best solar companies in Rhode Island. We serve as the point of connection where you get to choose from hundreds of top solar companies and settle down for the one that meets your expectations and suits your budget.