Your ultimate guide about solar tax credits in 2022

Solar incentives are one of the biggest motivators for people switching to this cleaner and greener version of energy. Government offers different solar incentives, and the most significant one is the ITC. At present, the ITC is worth 26% of the entire solar installation expenses. This means that an average homeowner can expect a tax credit worth $4000-$6000.

If you stay in any of these states in the USA and want to know more about the solar tax credit, then scroll down and go through the state-wise details.

Your ultimate guide about solar tax credits

Solar Tax Credit 2022 for the Different States

  1. Pennsylvania: If you stay in Pennsylvania, bring down your solar installation expenses by opting for solar incentives in Pennsylvania 2022. Fill in an extra form – form 5696 while filing your income tax. And you are good to go!


  1. Wisconsin: A beautiful state replete with lush green thickets, Wisconsin residents are switching to solar energy quite rapidly. Among other incentives, the investment tax credit in Wisconsin is the most popular and reliable among the residents. With the help of this incentive, you can deduct 26% of your total expenses.


  1. Florida: Get your solar set up installed by 2023 and cut down on the expenses almost by 26%. So if you are someone who pays his taxes duly, you can easily qualify for the solar tax credit in Florida.


  1. New Hampshire: If you are planning to install a solar set up at your place, then this is the best time for you to do so. If you get it installed by 2023, as per investment tax credit in New Hampshire, you will be able to bring down your expenditure by 26%. The percentage will come down to 22% if you install solar panels in 2023.


  1. Nevada: The Silver State of Nevada receives a lot of sunlight throughout the year, and thus, it is the ideal state for going solar. Now you can switch to the renewable energy source and at the same time save big on your expenses – thanks to solar tax credit incentive in Nevada.


  1. Utah: Utah, with all its nature’s bounty, is a perfect place to go solar. Invest in solar energy systems but do not worry about the expenses. Government offers the ITC incentive, which allows you to reduce your expenses by 26% if you get the solar panels installed in Utah by the year 2023.


  1. Arizona: One of the sunniest states in the United States, you can save a great deal on your energy bills by opting for solar energy in Arizona. Reduce the expenditure by claiming investment tax credit incentive.


  1. Massachusetts: Just like the other states, Massachusetts residents can also enjoy the solar tax credit incentive. Suppose you are worried whether or not battery installations get covered under this incentive, fret not, as these expenses are eligible for the incentive.


  1. South Carolina: The state is a perfect place if you want to switch to solar power. To make the experience better, Government offers multiple solar incentives and rebates in South Carolina. One of them is ITC, which brings down your entire expenditure by a whopping 26%. Make sure you apply for the same.


  1. Maryland: Switching to solar energy was never so easy for the residents in Maryland. But incentives like net metering, solar tax credit in Maryland, etc., have encouraged multiple homeowners to take the plunge. Don’t worry about the hefty charges and enjoy clean and green energy.


The Federal solar tax credit has helped multiple homeowners to set up solar panels on their rooftops. If you, too, are planning to cut down on your solar set-up expenses, then feel free to connect with us at Clean Energy Savings USA. We help residents to embrace clean energy by connecting them with the best solar installation companies. Rely on our services and get solar panels installed at the best possible rates.

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